Digital Rhetoric

Making your words do things online

Digital What?

Digital Rhetoric is taking the new media and applying the concepts of rock solid traditional rhetoric.

Rhetoric is an amazing word. It is a shame that it has gotten a bad rap. Just remember, rhetoric is not just for liars anymore.

Rhetoric is the art of using language for persuasive ends. Not unlike writing for the web as a blog, a post, a comment – whatever.

The Attention Span of A GoldFish

We have 9-seconds. We have the attention span of a goldfish. We scan. We click away. According to the latest studies, we only have a 9 send attention span. The hype has been that all we need are more pixels – more images, more graphics, more videos. True. Yet, search engines still need great content to eat and feed to the thousands of Googlers. Content is still king and we have to write words that rule and reign across the internet.

How? Today Tech is Already Over

How can we keep up with the latest way to fascinate and keep them reading. So, how do we grab potential readers by the neck and pull them in to finish our great web content? We have to go back to the beginning and look at principles of ancient rhetoric and infuse them into our digital content.

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