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Digital Rhetoric: Doing Things with Words Online

Digital Rhetoric: Doing Things with Words Online

It is with great joy and relief that I can post my capstone, “Digital Rhetoric: Doing Things with Words Online”.  The free download is located in the digital commons on Kennesaw State University library site. I would love to hear your thoughts on this project. Here is the abstract:


“Digital Rhetoric: Doing Things with Words Online”.

It is through rhetorical principles applied to digital writing that online writers can be heard above the din confronting weary online browsers. The synergy between classical rhetoric and new media practices leads to persuasive and memorable digital writing. Despite the hurried clip and the complex nature of technology, grounding writing in firm rhetorical concepts can produce compelling online content. The purpose of this capstone project is to teach specific audiences how to do things with words online through a series of three modules whose unifying themes include the broad topics of targeting niche audiences, persuasive writing, and using the digital medium of communications.

Twitter 101: A Series on Authentic Tweets

Twitter 101: A Series on Authentic Tweets

Twitter 101

One of the comments I received after my workshop, Connecting in an Authentic Way, was an alert to write this post – actually, a series of posts on how to use Twitter to help you get your words out.

This idea was spurred by this honest response to my survey:

The workshop was alot like the internet itself-all over the place. Their seemed to be no real, clear cut dissemination of info, just a bunch of links with one sentence summations about how much Lisa liked them. 

Thank you for this honest response! I appreciate honesty. I was aware that the presentation was all over the place. It is important to me to get it right, even after the workshop is over. The comment forced my hand away from my graduate thesis to my keyboard. I am writing a series of posts to supplement and strengthen what we started last Saturday in the workshop.

Many pre-workshop questions were about Twitter. A topic worthy of a series of blogs to help me use the tool better and maybe it will help someone else. Therefore, Twitter 101. Our class is in session. Please tell me what you think, respond with questions, and lets learn from each other.

I found this comprehensive overview of Twitter on Slideshare. So our first lesson in Twitter 101 will be this wonderful summary from  Bryony Taylor.

Our next class in Twitter 101 will be, “Using your Twitter, a Micro-blog as a Micro-bulletin”

Remember, it is all about relationship! Share this one of your friends so they can participate in our discussion about Twitter.

View more PowerPoint from Bryony Taylor
Be that Person: Trust Agent Mentality in Social Media Marketing

Be that Person: Trust Agent Mentality in Social Media Marketing

Today was unique. Today was an authentic meeting of like-minded writers wanting to grow as social media marketers. Normally I am out in the hallway watching the iPad and cash box and checking in late-comers. Today, thanks to Karen Pickell and Mac Elmore manning the administration of GWA, today I was in the front of the room and talking about social media marketing and connecting in an authentic way. We had one of the largest workshop groups ever. It was the topic. Using social media for writers is so important. I really felt like we became a niche right in that room. My commitment to them was to continue the conversation on this blog. It was impossible to cover everything. One thing I did not talk much about was Twitter, I will write about that tomorrow. For today, I forgot a favorite way to show what being a “trust agent” looks like. I will do my best to explain.

Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is the guru, trust agent, brilliant thought leader in this area of connecting in an authentic way. He says that being  a trust agent is that person who connects others. Being the person at the elbow of deals being made is being a trust agent. It is someone who like to help make things happen, for someone else. I saw that happen at the end of the workshop when my intern got a paying editing gig from an attendee – I was happy to connect them. We talked today about how to make it all not about you and how to help others – being a good human being and not expecting something in return. But something is always returned to you – if nothing else the blessing of seeing an author find a great editor and that editor thankful for the job.

Last summer I did a directed study for the KSU Writing Center. My task was to build a strategic brand to communicate to students what was available in the Writing Center. We surveyed, studied, and implemented a plan. The class was over and I continued to help the Writing Center and now I am mentoring a new staff member. I even led a workshop and promote them on social media. I was no longer obligated to help the Writing Center, my class was over, but I was happy to watch the Center grow and flourish. I expect nothing in return and will continue to help them in any way they ask. What do I get out of it? In addition to the thrill of watching student participation grow by 500 students last fall, I have been given wonderful letters of recommendation from the Center Director, Dr. Mary Lou Odom and many proof read papers by the best in the business. Most of all, I get the joy of working with people who love their work and the friendships that have grown as a by-product of this successful collaboration.

When were you last at the elbow of a deal that did not benefit you directly? What have you given away this week?  Have you given your  time, talents, energy – your heart to someone with no expectations of a ROI? (ROI is your return on investment). Be that guy or that woman with a trust agent mentality. Be humble. Be honest. Be helpful. Be open-handed. Be that person.

Tell me how you want to be that person. Comment below and let’s create that kind of community. Writers rule the Web, lets change the digital rhetoric for good.