Lost Mill Towns of North Georgia

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The stories of Lost Mill Villages in North Georgia were too big for one book. I deleted several chapters. If you are interested in Georgia stories, I will send them to you. Sign up below:

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  1. Leon Shiver 706-295-1312 Rome, Ga.

    I am Leon Shiver, raised in Anchor Duck village. The pictures and history of Anchor Duck from the Rome history museum, came from my archives, donated there… I have the tokens from the mill store, and pictures from my childhood in the mill village. The ball team pix on pg 41,
    unknown lad is Kenneth “Bear” Bryant, ball boy/mascot, whom I knew from schooldays…
    I have lots of historical mill archival items to show you, should you be interested… West Ga. College has an archive under my name, also… I attend the mill reunions, and contributed to the monument at Floyd health Dept where the old mill stood…

    • Thank you Leon for your donation to the Rome History Museum that made your images go into print. I was thrilled to give them the light of day, but so sorry I did not give you proper credit. I want to remedy that. I will contact you by email and bring your materials out for a wider audience on my blog and newsletter. I will be in touch.
      My best,

  2. Leon Shiver 706-295-1312 Rome, Ga.

    The picture on page 122 is of Alva J. Earwood, 1950, “Weighing in cotton bale at Anchor Duck mill card room”… Pix on pg 124 is of an Anchor Duck Mill graduation luncheon, my cousin Nina Faye Shiver is in back row right end. You see, I have the archivals to back all this up, plus lots more on other local mills…

  3. Lisa;
    My intent was not for my notariety, but to let you know that I have lots of things, mill tokens, photos and other physical items including the Lindale strike photos (on a CD), old door latches/knobs from Shannon mill village houses, and items from Lindale mill… I have written stories about Anchor Duck for Past Times Mag., 2007/8 and “West Ga. Textile Heritage Trail” book, as well… I live in Rome/Shannon and would enjoy showing you my extensive archives at your convenience…

  4. Hi, Lisa! I was given your book “Lost Mill Towns of North Georgia” for a Christmas present and “cannot put it down” – it is so fascinating! In your introduction you say that you had to remove some of the stories for space considerations but you would send them to us upon request. Yes, Please!!

    • Charlie
      Thank you so much for reading! Please join my newsletter and I will add more stories and let you know. I have so much about FULTON CO. Interesting stories I discovered about Fulton Bag and Whittier Mills. Stay tuned.
      Again, thank you for reading!!!

  5. Thanks, Lisa! I am particular interested in the material you did for the Greensboro, GA cotton mill but did not use in your book because it was cut due to length. Your book says that you will share that material with those who request it. I worked at the Greensboro, GA mill from 1998 to 2003 when it was operated and then closed down by Wellington Leisure Products. I feel fortunate to have that experience, even though it was indeed The End of an Era!!

    • Charles,
      I would love to hear your stories about GREENSBORO! Please write some information about it. IT was so interesting … the strikes and such. I have cool images from Greensboro, but could not use them for space. I need to get writing more about those places.

  6. I’m curious if you wrote about the Sautee Nacoochee Sawmill in Helen Ga? If so, and even if not, I’d love to get the Georgia Stories please! Thank you!

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