Canva: A Swiss Army Knife for Educators and Content Creators

I was a strict user of the aging MS Publisher, Power Point, and other graphic design tools until I met Canva. I had the basic or free version until I agreed to try the premium version, and I promise it is worth the price.

In the last few months, I have used Canva to grow my brand with signature lines, YouTube covers, and Book graphics for two books I published this year, and I use it in the classroom. I design banners for my classes and social media, and I pass them along. It is a valuable tool for my college students, who can use it to make logos, brands, video covers, and so much more.

I use Canva in my Applied Technical Communications class, encouraging them to play in Canva and make social media images for their public awareness campaign. I teach them how to use excellent design to improve their visual rhetoric. I have made square business cards with my social media and content links. I use it to make visuals for my videos. The list goes on and on.

I sampled the premium version of Canva for a few months and when the trial was over; I suffered withdrawal. I realized how much I had used it and I missed it. Like most quality services, Canva constantly updates and is up to date with AI innovation. At my request, my publisher used Canva to fix design issues for my latest book, Georgia Covered Bridges. Here are images of some things I made with Canva.

Portfolio of Canva Projects made this year for book pages, YouTube Covers, animated business cards, and banners.

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